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The Cockatoo Package

Get ready to build your audience and showcase your unique author brand and books to a wider readership.


You get one newsletter per month (12 for the year)—i.e. your special missive

to your readers each month.


BONUS! Includes building and expanding your subscriber database throughout year. (Or if you don't have a database, you will!)

BONUS! Includes the design of your newsletter header along with the design and implementation and tracking online sign-up forms at all pertinent locations.

BONUS! Includes periodic reports so that you can track your progress of subscriber growth and click-throughs.

BONUS! Includes 1 email alert per month! A short 'n sweet email to promote new releases, promos, sales, special events, etc.


BONUS! Includes 2 surveys per year to help foster communications and build engagement with your readers. 


BONUS! Includes up to 12 CONTESTS and PROMOTIONS that you can run either through a newsletter or an alert.


BONUS! Includes a whopping 48 GRAPHICS (2 per newsletter/alert) you can use and re-use as often as you like on social media.

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