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The Peacock Package

Get ready to showcase your books in a website that truly reflects your author brand.


  • Background research of other websites, colours, style approaches. 

  • 1-hr skype/zoom meeting with you to discuss the look/style/design and to determine your author brand style.

  • Writing and/or revising and editing previously written content.

  • Crafting visual content to showcase your author brand.

  • Design of site to maximize engagement, visibility, and your author brand.

  • I design all of my sites on WIX—it is the most intuitive (and fun) design platform out there and it offers an amazing array of bells and whistles.

  • Transferring your domain from previous domain host to WIX (if you choose to do so).

  • Setting up author mailbox.

  • Privacy, Cookie, and GDPR Compliance statements.

  • BONUS! Includes a FREE mobile design version of your site.

  • BONUS! Author blog will be designed by me and includes a skype/zoom tutorial with a step-by-step breakdown of how to post a blog and edit.

  • BONUS! Includes a 1-hr tutorial with you if you want to learn how to make your own updates and revisions (if you so choose).

  • BONUS! Includes a FREE website graphics/headers package that will showcase your author brand and unique style.

  • BONUS! Includes 3 FREE social media headers showcasing the same design/style as your website.

  • BONUS! Includes FREE author logo design/re-design plus slogan/tag.

  • BONUS! Includes FREE SEO (search engine optimization).

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